I am an intensively trained DBT therapist providing individual and skills group treatment to adolescents and children. I graduated from the University of Georgia’s School of Social Work and began working with children in foster care. Eventually, I joined a team of highly trained DBT therapists in residential treatment before branching out to private practice.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in treating adolescents and children. As an intensively trained DBT therapist, I am not intimidated by self-harm or suicidal behaviors. I have significant experience helping children and families successfully address these behaviors with DBT. Recently, I was intensively trained in DBT Child which is an evidence based model adapting standard DBT for elementary age children. I do not shy away from aggression or temper outbursts in children. I have training and experience in treating trauma and emotional avoidance. I truly enjoy supporting teens, children and their families in moving from fear to full emotional experiencing.


  • DBT with adolescents
  • DBT Child with children ages 5-12
  • DBT Prolonged Exposure to treat trauma and emotional avoidance
  • Theraplay® – a family therapy based treatment

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Thursday and Friday evenings

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Sliding scale spots may be available

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