Meka Nicole is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Sex Educator, Life Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Jacksonville University, and a master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Argosy University


Meka is the creative founder and CEO of In-to-Mate Counseling Services, with offices located in Georgia. Meka Nicole is also the creator of Sex and Sensuality® an educational intimacy seminar and event that helps women to develop an inner sexual confidence. In addition, Meka provides tools and tips to parents who want to have “the talk” with their child(ren) regarding sexual health and education. Parents may schedule individual sessions or a session to include the child(ren) in order to have “the talk” in a supportive and safe environment. Meka has also appeared on the Docu-drama series: Snapped and Fatal Attraction providing therapeutic insight into the psychological behaviors of females who commit heinous crimes. In-to-Mate Counseling’s goal is to provide relationship, intimacy, and life therapy services to individuals, couples, and families in an effort to help them live a more fulfilled and emotionally healthy life.


  • LGBT
  • Couples
  • Adolescents
  • Infertility
  • Family Building
  • Grief Trauma
  • Intimacy Coaching
  • Sex Education

Hours Available: Monday: Please call for available times.

Insurance Accepted: BCBS and Aetna

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