Linda Fraser, LPC

Psychotherapist located in Marietta, GA & Roswell/Alpharetta, Roswell, GA

About Linda Fraser, Ed D, LPC


Dr Linda Fraser,  Ed.D is a Psychotherapist who is a Licensed Professional Counselor .   She began her work in the Atlanta area 25+ years ago during the development of the counseling center at Mt Pisgah Methodist Church.   She  was instrumental in the establishment of the Crises Pregnancy Center. Currently, she is associated with Northwest Behavioral Medicine as an independent provider.

Dr Fraser works with individuals, couples & families in all seasons of life. Eclectic in training, she practices primarily as a Cognitive Behavioral , Psychodynamic and Family System theorist but seamlessly integrates other approaches to help meet each client’s individual needs. Her professional passion includes working with individual patients who find life difficult because of past or present stressors and who desire a better quality of life and relationships.

While short term therapy is something that she is very comfortable doing, she specializes in longer, intense out-patient therapy that targets the root of what may be problematic across many areas of life. Included in her areas of expertise are: Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Post Partum Depression, Trauma, Relationship Issues, Spiritually Related Issues,Grief Work & Family of Origin  Issues.

Individual, couples or family therapy can help improve your quality of life as the “grin and bear it” approach does not address the root issues. Couples therapy should identify and address specific problems that each individual brought into the relationship as well as those created by the combining of two lives and family systems. Some issues tend to intensify over time due to the additional stressors that life presents but if identified and treated, they do not have to compromise the quality of life. Therapy should be targeted to help identify problematic behaviors, thoughts and beliefs so you can understand the causation of sadness and conflict. Trauma can have a direct impact on every aspect of life. Trauma traumatizes and though it may have occurred many years before seeking help, it is buried deeply inside and must be treated and may require a long term therapeutic intervention. Trauma may not have been a major event.   Certain situations may cause responses that are confusing and perhaps exaggerated  and that are  even seemingly unrelated.  A person may not be aware that random events tap into a previous trauma.  Generally, a person deals with buried trauma when they become strong enough to remember and heal. Dr Fraser does not accept any insurances. She maintains a small case load so that she can give intense and quality care to each client. 



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