The mental health care professionals at Northwest Behavioral Medicine are trained and experienced to diagnose and treat a wide range of problems that can include stress management and marriage/family issues to conditions such as mood, anxiety, attention/memory, and thought disorders. Often someone suffering from emotional distress may not know what kind of condition they dealing with or what their treatment options are.

Our doctors and licensed counselors can provide a comprehensive initial evaluation and make treatment recommendations that can range from life changes, therapy, and/or medication. If that health care provider can offer the appropriate services for your care, they will do so, but in some circumstances, they may need to refer you to another clinician with specialized training in the type of treatment that more appropriately fits your needs.

We will review what your therapeutic options are and work with you to best accommodate your treatment wishes whether that includes medications, safe and effective natural therapies, or counseling. Many of our services are covered on major insurance plans but unfortunately, not all. Please check with your insurer if you must file through insurance to receive care. Providers are credentialed individually so not all of the practitioners at NBM are on the same insurance plans and some services such as psychological testing are often not covered.