Treatment Resistant Depression


Do I Have Treatment Resistant Depression?

  • Are you one of the many people that have tried multiple medications with no success?
  • Are the standard treatments of psychiatric medications and psychotherapy not helping much at all?
  • Did your symptoms improve temporarily, only to return?
  • Are the side effects of the medications making life worse than before?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please know, you are not alone. According to the National Institute of Health, these problems occur for 1/3 of the patients diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. Only a qualified psychiatrist can determine whether you have Treatment Resistant Depression.

Led by Dr. Michael Banov, Psych Atlanta has been at the forefront of researching and introducing Treatment Resistant Depression protocols for over 25 years. Using Ketamine, Spravato, TMS and Integrative Medicine, we approach depression with alternative treatments when typical medicines fail.


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Ketamine Journey...
By D

In the last 3 years my depression got so bad that I could not work, could not sleep at night and most days could not get out of bed. I thought my happy life was over and that my new husband would leave me for a better wife. I found myself at PsychAtlanta and met with Dr. Banov, who suggested I try Ketamine. I had tried multiple antidepressants and they would stop working after a while, so I was game to try something new.

Ketamine infusions are different each time and each is a very unique experience. It is not painful and can bring you to a wide open mental state that is full of fresh air and buoyancy. I had at least 10 sessions and each one was very different. I like to describe it as opening 12 separate Windows on your mental laptop and then dealing with that feeling. I remember each session after it was over, and was left with a nice floating feeling for several hours afterward. I recall one session that was a bit rough, I sobbed through most of it and felt like a wrung-out dishrag afterwards. It was very cathartic and helped me cleanse my mind of a lot of dark memories and grief. I felt very different after that session!

The staff here at PsychAtlanta is wonderful and will give you as much support as you need. There are music and nature videos to help you ease through your sessions and cozy, restful rooms with pillow-soft chairs. I looked forward to each session and except for a bit of fatigue afterwards I was able to go about my day with no ill effects. I would strongly recommend Ketamine to anyone looking to clear the "mental cobwebs" and feel like a new person.

Not every Ketamine experience is the same but it was a life-changer for me and definitely worth trying!

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