A friend, family member, attorney, employer, or health insurer wants to talk with my doctor/nurse about me


Release of Information

We will talk with anyone you give us permission to do so with if you have a signed release of information with that person’ s name on it. If you want us to talk with an attorney or your employer, there may be a charge for that depending on the level of information and time required. Contact your provider to find out if there will a charge and to estimate what that charge may be. If there is a friend or family member contacting us to discuss your care, we will not talk to them or even acknowledge that you are a patient without your written permission. We can’t stop them from writing us, calling, and leaving a message, or emailing us. If that occurs, we will notify you but we will not respond to them unless they inform us that you may be an immediate risk of self-harm or harm to others. Even in those circumstances we will not give them any details regarding your care without your permission.

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